Weathertight Durable Roof Underlay

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‘Weathertight Durable Roof Underlay’ is a composite impermeable membrane that is laid under slate and tile roofs to provide pitched roof insulation.

The roofing insulation can be used on most types of ventilated cold and warm pitched roofs and protects against the ingress of wind blown rain and snow.

Weathertight Durable Roof Underlay – one of the best felt roofing systems on the market - offers protection during construction and then during the life of the building

Its features include: lightweight and easy to handle, bitumen free, nail-tear strength, and is marked with 150 mm lap lines for accurate and easy installation

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‘Weathertight Durable Roof Underlay’ also provides temporary ‘weather tight’ protection for up to three months prior to the fitting of roof materials such as slates or roof tiles.

For instructions on how to install ‘Weathertight Durable Roof Underlay’ click here.

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